Beyonce's "Spirit" Video Uses Color To Tell A Story

Beyonce's "Spirit" Video Uses Color To Tell A Story

Beyonce’ just released her video for the Lion King movie. When I watched the new video “Spirit” by the Icon Beyonce’ I was blown away. I was glued to my screen because the visuals in this video are just amazing! I must admit I am still having a moment because it truthfully showed us in all beauty. This single and video are a lead up to the release of the Lion King movie which will be released this Friday.

If you have not seen the video yet click here to watch it right now!

As a brand consultant I am always trying to relay information in a way a client can understand. In this video I saw the use of color to reinforce the song’s message of courage, hope, and strength.

Lets discuss some of the colors used and the significance of each.

Beyonce’ and Blue are seen wearing soft pink in the opening of the video. Soft pink signifies compassion, nurturing, unconditional love and understanding. It is a color that is intuitive, shows tenderness, kindness, empathy, and sensitivity. Wow! The perfect color to open the video up with because I think most of us can agree we need this during this time in our country.

Beyonce’ is then seen wearing a gorgeous royal blue dress. This color signifies trust and peace. It is a color that represents loyalty and integrity as well.

My favorite scene in the video is when Bey is wearing a gorgeous yellow dress (I really think it’s a piece of art in itself). The color yellow represents optimism, cheerfulness, and intellect. The dancers in the scene with her seem to be wearing a mix of the yellow with green and makes for an amazing visual contrast to the dress Beyonce’ is wearing. Green represents balance, growth, prosperity, and self-reliance.

The red her and the dancers wear in the following scene is everything!!!! Red represents energy, passion, ambition, action, and determination! This is exactly what exuded from the scene as I watched the “Spirit” video.

The scene of her in front of the tree wearing the intricate ivory dress is absolutely stunning! It’s the use of the ivory/tan colors as a backdrop for the entire video that gives it such a realistic feeling. Ivory represents neutrality, relaxation, quiet, and pleasantness. It usually considered a color of subtle elegance. In Africa, ivory holds a lot of significance and value.

There are a few other colors used as well such as black, white, and magenta. I felt the colors I mentioned above really stood out to me.

Take time to think about your brand colors before you commit to them. Find out what the color means and how it is in line with your company’s mission and brand message. Take your time and ensure you are comfortable with what you create.

Colors are magical. This video is an excellent example of that. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and do something a lil bit different from the norm. This is YOUR brand. It needs to STAND out!

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