When You're Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

When You're Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired


There comes a point when you just get fed the heck up! Like, the slightest stuff irritates you and you’re ready to just throw the

  • whole job away (you aren’t paid enough to deal with the mess and your boss is unbearable)

  • whole relationship away (you don’t have a therapist degree nor do you need another child)

  • whole child away (admit it…you’ve been there at some point…lol)

  • whole debit card away (there’s only $4.34 on it anyway)

  • whole credit card away (they’re maxed out anyway)

  • whole house away (your behind on the mortgage anyway)

  • whole credit score away (you can’t buy bubble gum on credit)

Look, I can promise you there have been times when I have had to rob Peter to pay Paul. I was irritated and afraid because, at times, I didn’t know where my next dollar was going to come from.

There’s nothing more frustrating than

  • needing income so you stay at a job that no longer is good for you spiritually nor emotionally

  • being the only one in your household earning money and it still ain’t enough

  • not being able to get your kids the small things they want because you have more bills than money

  • feeling as if you’re going nowhere slowly which is more painful because you can see it happening

  • having a desire to do more but not having the resources to make it happen

Most of us can recognize why we haven’t achieved what we’ve been wishing for. Whether it’s fear, anxiety, lack of knowledge or a number of other excuses. YES! I said it…”EXCUSES”.

The difference between you and the people you follow daily on social media is that they finally got SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED! The headaches, dry pockets, tears, overdue bills, failing business, and poor credit become too much! There comes a point when you have to figure out HOW to get out of situations that holding you down.

When you’ve had enough

  1. You change how you present yourself to the world. Whether it’s you change how you dress, get up earlier, start adding a lil mascara and gloss in the mornings, start working out, or speak more confidently. There’s a shift and people will notice.

  2. You begin to work smarter and with end goals in mind. Your processes and strategies start to make sense and you see how the building blocks will add up to huge success in your professional and personal life.

  3. You are courageous enough to make the hard decisions. I don’t know what decisions you may be struggling with right now but it’s imperative (if you really are sick and tired) that you start making choices that will make your life better.

  4. You take your future and legacy seriously. This means you start tending to your credit by ordering the credit report and getting a handle on your credit. This means looking at your current job and your potential to earn a livable wage as well as promotion (it may be time to shift jobs)

There’s a lot more that happens when you’ve had enough and I want to hear from you! When did you decide you wanted to shift? Comment below and join me Monday, July 22, 2019 at 3pm cst as I host my weekly COUNSELING SESSION on Instagram Live! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @stilettomediagroup to continue the conversation!

I look forward to us having great conversation and helping each other shift!



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