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Ways We Can Work Together

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Coaching – hire me to help you gain clarity and execute on your ideas and goals

·   1:1 Coaching – perfect if you need help with a specific issue

·  Coaching Membership – a minimal monthly investment to be a part of the Brand DNA Incubator where you gain continuous knowledge

·  Digital Ruck Sack – information on various aspects of running your business via digital products

·  Brand U Platoon – access to branding resources to help you customize your platforms and enhance your client’s experience with your business


Brand DNA is a membership platform which provides entrepreneurs with valuable information to help them understand and apply techniques to maximize time, growth, and revenue.  New trainings are added monthly.

Brand DNA is for you if you have been piecing together “free” information in an attempt to create a solid business foundation, if you are frustrated or fearful of making the next step, and/or need someone to hold you accountable on your business journey.  Click here to learn more. 

Email Coaching

Email coaching is a convenient way to get clarity on projects without having to schedule out time for phone calls. Are you wondering if email coaching is for you? Let me help you discover a convenient way to get the help you need.

Digital Ruck Sack

Brand Academy provides access to a lot of content which was curated with you in mind. The trainings include training replays and the information included covers social media, price structure, and website creation (just to name a few).

Click here to view the library for available content.

Private Consulting via hire yourself

Hire Yourself is a private consulting platform I created once I left my 9-5.  I firmly believe if you think of your transition into full-time entrepreneurship this way you will feel a higher level of ownership, responsibility, and pride as you build the foundational blocks of your business and continue to sustain and scale it.  If you are seeking a one-on-one private consultation, please inquire directly. 

My private consultation is a 3-hour session with a combination of consultation and coaching.  During this session we will focus on the maximum of 2 specific areas you are needing focus on.  This session is designed to get you immediate answers and guidance to help you move forward with action. 

Click here to learn more.


Sometimes you need an overhaul on your business and I’m here to help you do just that.  The Hire Yourself Weekend is a great option for those who have minimal knowledge or must create a sustainable platform in a short period of time.  You recognize money and personal success are achievable, but you can’t seem to put it all together where it makes sense for your ideal consumer.  In these sessions we will think outside the box and create bomb content/processes/strategies that will have you feeling empowered and confident as business owner.

If you’re ready to get out of a state of confusion and get your business on the right track please contact me today by emailing me at contact@latayedavis.com