How to Start Looking for Hair Ambassadors

How to Start Looking for Hair Ambassadors


Check out this blog post to help you to start looking for the right hair ambassadors. 

  • Grab your pen and paper to take notes

  • Take this process in steps so you don't get overwhelmed

  • Get an assistant to help you to make the process easier

It’s time for you to level up (hey Ciara) your hair company.  Over the year you’ve tried a few ideas, and it may seem as if none of them stick. Frustration can quickly set in, but I’m going to pull you up out of that doubtful space.  Do you want to win? Establish your squad of fly hair ambassadors. Finding hair ambassadors is one of the best ways to grow, and I’m going to make sure you leverage yourself as the LEADER in this hair game.

No more procrastination! Your next move is to establish your hair ambassador squad!

Go ahead and grab your pen and paper to take notes.


There are some specific traits and attributes necessary for you to become a leader in the hair industry.  Finding committed ambassadors can help you take your brand to the next level. The person you choose should believe in your business and you, love your hair and is willing to showcase your hair in various styles.


A brand ambassador is an individual who represents your company. His or her job is to promote your product/company on a personal level and giving potential customers a one-on-one experience.

Any individual that represents your company should be a direct reflection of you and, therefore, you must set a stellar example to make it obvious what you expect from them.  It’s a tough job always to be “on,” but you have to be to set the right example.


Establish your criteria for the faces of your hair company by paying attention to the following:

1. Is the individual professional enough? I sometimes think this is a dying art!  Please be clear on what you deem as professional and reinforce the expectations of behavior.  

2. Can she/he sell your extensions and wholesale wigs? The ability to sell is essential because they will be who a lot of your new customers see before you engage with them.  If someone asks them what type of hair they are wearing or where to get the hair from she/he should not only tell the person about where to get the hair but also take them to your site and even walk them through the purchasing process. Having an understanding of the hair products your company offers is an essential part of being a great ambassador.  

3. Will the potential ambassador be available for events? You want to select an individual who will be available for at least 70% of your events.  Preferably you want them to be present for all events, but we have to be fair and realistic in your expectations.

4. Does she/he have a social media presence?  Make sure your potential ambassador has a social following, and they are engaging posts. Engagement is critical because you want his/her followers to engage any posts shared promoting your hair extensions and wholesale wigs.


Here’s a step-by-step process to select the right representatives for your hair company. Your hair ambassadors should closely resemble your ideal client or at least have something in common with them. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell products in a manner that does not resonate with your ideal client.

* Family and friends

When you start anything new, you always go to your family first. Don’t limit yourself by thinking you can only have hair ambassadors who are from a specific culture or ethnicity. Your primary focus should be on attracting clients who are a part of your target market.  

Don’t approach them yet.  Just create a list, and you’ll use it later.

* Casting Calls

Hosting a casting call at a new boutique, restaurant, or community building brings visibility to you and the company. Your casting call should be specific as to what you’re looking for in your ambassadors. Have a photographer present to take photos of those who attend the casting call.

* Social Media

A prime source is Social media. It is going to be an excellent place to find hair brand ambassadors.

To make your search easier use specific hashtags and keywords.  

Below is how to search correctly:

You live in Jackson, MS  and are seeking hair ambassadors in your local area.

1. Begin by looking in your local area for ambassadors because it will be easier for you to host casting calls, photo shoots, and meetups.

2. Search on Instagram using #mississippimua which will bring up over 16,526 posts.

3. Scroll it quickly to find selfies/photos of people who you think represent your hair company’s brand. Please don’t get caught up on numbers.  

4. Check out the quality of their feed. Before you add her/him to your list to contact, scroll the Instagram feed to make sure there’s nothing on it that is not in line with your company messaging.


It is important you have strategies in place in every area of your business. It may seem difficult to manage it all but there are tons of ways to get the results you are looking for.

If you are tired of struggling to pay for inventory, are frustrated with not seeing a return on your investment, and have almost given up countless times lets connect!

I have tons of resources that can help you see an increase in your social media engagement, clientele, revenue, and your confidence as a successful business owner.

Good Luck!


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