Hair Influencers We Love on Instagram

Hey!  Your girl is here to help you by sharing my list of some of the best hair influencers on Instagram. You can sop searching the internet for random hair advice. I am going to link you up with the plugs in the hair industry to make sure you get the right tips, resources, and advice to keep your hair looking gorgeous!

I want to introduce you to my ten virtual best friends.  Each of them is amazing in his or her unique way, and I know you’ll learn a lot from the content they share.  I usually don’t share my friends with everybody, but I feel as if we are family so I know I can tell you all about them.  

I chose my influencers based on some factors.  The number of followers and subscribers they had was not the primary factor.  My primary consideration is the inspiration. I want to share with you individuals who I think have a unique approach which inspires me. I know I have not included all of my faves but these influencers are always at the top of my list.  I connect to their social media to get reviews on new products, hair tutorials, and to find out what they are up to in other areas of the lives. A few of them I have been following for years, and it’s cool to see them transform and grow their brands.  

I hope my faves add value to your life.  If you are seeking answers or how-to videos check out my best friends below!

You know what you have to do!  Press play on your Lecrae playlist and let's get started!

1.  GORGEOUS IN GREY, founded by Ty Alexander, is everything!  She makes me feel like my gray hairs are a badge of honor. A lot of us seem to have a never-ending battle with these pesky gray hairs, and I promise you she can guide you on how to love, take care of, and even embrace your silver strands.  

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @gorgeousingrey


Twitter: @gorgeousingrey

Youtube:  Gorgeous in Grey         Joined: 02/25/2011

Views 444,143 views  Subscribers: 4958

She recently relaxed and cut her hair, and I love it!  One thing I dislike is when people question me on why I did the big chop!  It’s a personal decision, and so I am inspired when I see another woman choose to wear her hair in a way that makes her feel comfortable and empowered.  

Her new style is a short, relaxed pixie cut.  She has her tips on how she cares for her gray hair which you can view on her website.

I love her website, and it is easy to navigate. Her visual branding guided me to join her tribe.  I joined her squad, and I encourage you to do so as well. Check out my tips below on how to build your tribe.

If you have your website and want to build your tribe, here are a few tips to help you grow your following and engage with your target market more authentically.  Regardless of what product or service you provide having a tribe is key to growth, connection, and conversion.

2. Kandee Johnson is the best!  Her voice and perky personality make me happy whenever I read a blog or watch a video.  She’s a beauty guru who has an extensive following on social media. I appreciate Kandee’s can-do approach and her ability to make you feel as if you both have been friends forever!  To create a video script that will impress viewers like Kandee's check out my tips below!

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @kandeejohnson


Twitter: @kandeejohnson

Youtube: Kandee Johnson         Joined: 01/03/2009

Views: 440,154,501    Subscribers: 3,949,401

One of my favorite videos is the one in which she shares her setup to create her videos on Youtube.  Check out the video here:

3. Chic Natural is one of the first people I started following faithfully.  She is good at showing you different ways to wear your hair and keeping it modern. I like the wig hack tutorials she shares on her channel.  I admire how she lives her life and shares it with us, but she still keeps some of it personal. She’s a cool chick, and I know you will enjoy her platform.

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @thechicnatural


Youtube: The Chic Natural         Joined: 6/10/2010

Views: 132,237,404     Subscribers: 867,306

4. Elenore is affectionately known as Naptural Elenore. Hailing from the Philippines, she is known for her hair tutorials.  She’s rocking her natural hair and has tons of videos on her playlist to help you through your natural hair journey. Whether you’re looking for information on protective styles or taking care of your hair, Elenore gives you tons of tips to help you.

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @napturalelenore


Joined: September 11, 2012

Subscribers: 82,199                   Views: 3,450,701

5. Makeba is serving melanin goals all over social media! If you like wigs but want to understand how to wear them correctly, she’s got you covered.  I also love her hair dying videos as well as her natural hair tutorials and extension videos.

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @ynotkeeb

YouTube: January 3, 2012

Subscribers: 141, 650

Views: 6, 960, 126

6. Shameless Maya is my all time favorite.  I love watching her first few videos just as a reminder of how authentic she still is.  It is incredible that with all the success she has she remains true to who she is.

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @mayasworld



Joined: May 23, 2012

Subscribers: 1,091,959                  Views: 77,651,825

The most amazing thing I have ever watched is the video she has of her cutting her hair.  Forget a big chop! This creative beauty cut all her hair off. I can relate to her emotions and reasons for making her decision!  You know what they say. When a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life!

Check out her video here:

7. Beauty Can Braid gives me too much inspiration.  Whenever I want a new protective style, I can always check out one of her videos to provide me with style ideas.  She is fantastic at what she does, and I want to go so far as to say I believe this is her calling. I mean she doesn’t play any games at all, and she has created her niche in the hair braiding industry.  

Connect with her here:


Instagram: @beautycanbraid


Joined: 6/10/2010

Subscribers: 867,306          Views: 132,237,404

8. Abby Smith gives us perfect hair all the time. From her braided styles to her daughter’s cute styles, her social sites are a go-to for hair inspiration and tutorials. The way she blends her love for hair with her family is admirable.  I truly believe she loves what she does and that means she never actually works. Join her for her thirty styles in thirty days challenge from March 17- April 15th.

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @twistmepretty



Joined: October 28, 2012

Subscribers: 313,562                            Viewers: 23,524,558

9. Beauty by Lee sets the bar high when it comes to being authentic and embracing your journey.  I follow her because of her natural hair videos which I crush over all the time. I am love with Camille Rose hair products all because of her.  It is enjoyable to watch her go through the beautiful phases of her life. I know some may not be as beautiful, but she’s one graceful woman. If you are an expectant mother, you need to check her out because she shares her journey through pregnancy.  Go check her out because you will be inspired!

Connect with her here:

Instagram: @beautybylee



Joined: 03/29/2011

Subscribers: 205,000            Views: 9,135,731

10. Malibu Dollface is that best friend that is going to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!  I just love his realness, authenticity, and straight no chaser approach. Whether he’s giving his opinion on a trending topic or teaching you how to slay your lace front, you will get your life all the way together following him.  

Connect with him here:

Instagram: @malibudollface


Joined: 11/08/2009

Subscribers: 536,010   Views: 50,831,548

The internet provides us with the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.  I follow my favorites on YouTube faithfully because they are consistent and always share useful content.  It works out so well because if I have questions about a new product, like Hair Diagram's Bold Hold Tape, I can quickly search one of my favorite bloggers/vloggers to see their review of the product.  If you are looking for the right people to follow and connect with always look for consistency, honest reviews, and current content with what's on trend.

I know you may have your favorites as well. There are so many established hair gurus as well as up and coming hair influencers that it can be difficult to mention them all.  

Who are some of your favorite hair bloggers?  I may be missing out someone amazing, so please let me know in the comments below!  

Make sure you follow me at @latayedavisbranding on Instagram.

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