Grandma’s house

I am always thinking about my humble beginnings growing up in Meridian, MS. So many people believe that their stories don’t matter but I am here to tell you every bit of it does.

My life is rooted in vegetable gardens, plank wood floors, and The Young & The Restless…lol. As a young girl, my memories of staying with my grandmother help me to appreciate the simple things in life. I can recall helping her weed out the flower and vegetable gardens which was so much fun for me. I use to pull the fire wood from under the house and watch in amazement as the wood burned in the fireplaces.

The simplest tasks resulted in the most amazing things. For example, I would sit and watch my grandmother string simple pieces of yarn together. The way the yellow, blue, and green yarns would intertwine was just spectacular to me. In the end, the quilt created was more than just a piece of art (in my opinion) it also was a blanket to keep me warm. The task of shucking purple hull peas and rinsing them until they were clean was so much fun. The best surprise was when she would leave a bag or two out and cook them as a prize for helping her earlier in the day. Whether we were making preserves, homemade cornbread in a cast-iron skillet, or homemade cakes I definitely understood how love can change the bare minimum into a feast.

Today, I long for the moments when I can cook with my family, grow a beautiful garden, and “season” my cast-iron skillet. These valuable memories are the forces within me that make the journey of entrepreneurship worth it! The desire to shift paradigms and live a better life are why I keep going.

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As an electrifying motivational and educational speaker, LaTaye Davis is prepared to answer the call to improve the lives of her military peers and companies seeking to hire them. Her active-duty service at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the White House Medical Unit, and the Pentagon (just to name a few has provided her experiences essential to leading teams and organizations.   

Due to her time as a Drill Sergeant during which she trained over 2000 soldier, LaTaye possesses the innate ability to reach people on their level and guide them towards creating opportunities and better versions of themselves.  Also, she enjoys working with teams to help them become more proficient and boost morale. Her main focus is to create a win-win synergy between companies and veterans.  

She founded Brand U Boutique to provide digital downloads, online courses, and live events to provide budding entrepreneurs with strategies necessary for business success.  Her annual event, the Mississippi Magnolia Brunch is specifically to spark innovation in the State of Mississippi. The brunch inspires networking, education, and entrepreneurship for women in the state.

 LaTaye is the author of “Seven Sins of Social Media: Change Your Approach to Increase Engagement” and “The Power of Words: Affirmations to Promote You in Life and Business.”  She has gone on to co-author two books which include the “Brilliant Awakening” Anthology and the best-selling “Fabulous New Life: Volume 2”.